Eel River Old Ale

This past Saturday Andrei and I wandered over to the East Bay to visit our friends at Beer Revolution. For those of you who haven’t been there, definitely check it out as they have a constant flux of great beers on tap as well as a great selection of bottles.  One of the beers they had on tap this past Saturday was Eel River’s Old Ale.  I chose this mainly because I hadn’t heard of this brewery and of course I have a penchant for high alcohol brews. ;-)  Naturally I liked it!  Sweet and malty with a slight spice to it and a bitter finish, this is a beer (like others I’ve written about) that should be imbibed in small quantities if you’re driving. (That’s my PSA for the day).  I really enjoyed this beer and would drink it again although after one glass, I was ready to move on.  Still, definitely worth checking out.  One thing I didn’t realize about this brewery is that they’re completely organic (according to their website they’re the first certified organic brewery).  So you know, if that floats your boat, definitely check out beers from Eel River.