About Me!

Beer and wine lover and general fanatic of all things that taste good.  Born and bred in California, I currently reside in San Francisco where there are many places to indulge the sense of taste.  Always up for something new, I am consistently scouting out the city for new places to applaud or bitch about.  You can find me on Twitter.

  • Patrick Mhorn

    Thanks for coming out last night. I hope that you had a good time. Great blog by the way.

    Pacific Brewing Laboratories

  • pintmuse

    Thanks, Patrick! Had a great time & look forward to going back again. 🙂

  • Chris Crabb

    Hello! I do PR for both the Oregon Brewers Festival and Cascade Brewing. Would love to add you to my beer media list – if you want to get updates on either (plus the Holiday Ale Festival and the NA Organic Brewers Fest) then shoot me your contact info. Cheers!

    Chris Crabb
    crabbsoup at comcast dot net