Anderson Valley Huge’r Boont

Huge'r Boont, Anderson Valley 30/MAY/2010

One of my last stops on the Mendocino Beer/Wine weekend was Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  After trying their sampler, I decided to order their Huge’r Boont.  Strangely enough, this American IPA was my favorite…it’s strange because generally speaking, I don’t care for IPAs.  Now before you hoppy folks get your panties in a bunch, let me explain.  I used to detest any beer that had an overly hoppy flavor.  However, after some guidance and “palate expansion” I’ve come to enjoy many of them (including Pliny The Elder!).  Still, IPAs are midtable for me, but I’ve come to appreciate them.  Huge’r Boont has an impressive 73 IBUs, but manages to balance the hops with the malt quite nicely.  It poured as a beautiful amber color with a creamy head.  Definitely had caramel notes with a citrus background (sounds like an odd combination but that’s what I tasted!).  At the brewery you get this for a steal at $2.95/half pint, but I’m sure if you were to find it elsewhere it would be pricier…ah, the joys of drinking at a brewery!

Overall this beer was good but not great. I’m giving it 3 out of 5 pints rating.