Allagash Curieux

Allagash is a craft brewery located in New England that has a great selection of Belgian Ale like Allagash White and Grand Cru.  This particular evening at La Trappe I had Allagash’s Curieux.  Aged in Jim Beam Barrels, this beer is another high alcohol beer (this will be a trend on this blog..:-P).  At 11% ABV, this packs a punch.  But what a delicious punch it is.  This beer is dry and oaky with a strong vanilla taste.  There is a definite taste of Brettanomyces here which is a taste you’ll either love or hate. There is something that I really loved about barrel aged beers….they pick up so many different flavors, including a bit of the alcohol that was previously aged in it!  If you’re a fan of belgians, give this one a try.  It’s not very common to find so you may as well try it if it’s there!